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"Not only did i appreciate your gentle approach to teaching, but i also found you to be articulate, sensitive and intelligent." - Barbara

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GAVY Home Study Course

The Gannon Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Home Study Course was developed by Michael through years of training the growing teachers within the GAVY Teacher Training Apprenticeships. This course has always been a required part and the first step of the GAVY-200 (RYT-200 Training).

For the first time, this course is now made available to students OUTSIDE of the GAVY Teacher Training Apprenticeships.

Made up primarily of over 30 audio files by Gannon himself, this course includes lectures and teachings on topics such as:

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The intention of this course is to bring all trainees to a similar level of understanding in the area of yogic theory and philosophy, before they even come together physically for the intensive month of training. Students are meant to work at home with this material daily for at least 6-weeks prior to the intensive training month (Although, many students choose to start many months earlier).  This is the time to focus on the laborious, detailed work of memorizing terms and learning theory and philosophy.

In this way, the students time and energy during the intensive is focused more on the deep, demanding physical activity of daily practice, teaching techniques and group teaching exercises. Instead of their mind being caught up in so much confusion with new terminology or spending their evenings with intensive study of new material, students can rest and even have some relaxed time for fun 🙂

Made primarily of over 30 audio files by Gannon himself, this course includes lectures and teachings on topics such as:

Meat and Yoga                                               Opening Invocation

Yamas Defined                                               Observing the Breath Meditation

King and Thief                                                Standing Sequence Verbal

Standing Sequence Meaning                        Niyamas Defined

The Complete 8-Limbs                                 Dristis

Finishing Sequence Verbal                           Observing Sensations Meditation

Sanskrit Numbers                                          Seated Asanas

Bandas                                                              Mangala Mantra

Chakra Meditation                                         GANNON LIVE – Ashtanga is for Anybody

GANNON LIVE – Energy Purification        GANNON LIVE – Food Choices

GANNON LIVE – No Fear, Ashtanga Made Simple

GANNON LIVE – Practice on Moon Days and Menstration

This course also includes Michael’s CD, Awaken Your Life Force and Quiet Your Mind and his Primary Series Poster. Both used daily within the GAVY Home Study Course outline.