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GAVY (Gannon Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga) Teacher Apprenticeship Graduates

From: Guilherme
One word sums up Michael´s Teacher Training course: BHAKTI!!!

I meet Michael 2 years ago in Sao Paulo and his adjustments were
registered in my body (and soul). Michael has magic hands. With love he takes you to new places that you have never been before. Michael’s training was a deep dive into adjustment techniques. He shared with us the best way to work in each posture of primary series, teaching how to work with all levels of students and specially concerned in how to work with people in the safest way. His techniques had also great impact in my personal practice. I really knock down many walls of my practice!!!

Michaels is one of the few teachers around the world who is really connected to the pure, traditional Ashtanga method. This training is great for those who really want to get in touch with this purity. Once you get in touch with the real system, in the way Michael teaches, your practice, your teachings, your life is changed…this is really powerful and complete.

The training was one month of opening the heart and learning how to have devotion for my practice, for my life, for people and for the city. Michael’s immense heart and energy infected us all!!! Michael rocks!!! I finally learned that Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a method to achieve BHAKTI and develop love. Thank you very much Michael and I hope to see you soon again and again…

From: Gaby
Michael, thank you for everything. You are a true inspiration for me. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I felt so happy during the whole month. I discovered so many new things and now I love yoga even more.

From: Laura
Before Michael’s teacher training program I was practicing yoga as one more activity at the gym with step, spinning and Pilates and running. Now I don’t feel the need to do anything else besides the yoga practice and surprising for me I feel much better. It is reflected in all areas of my life, especially at work. As the training passed I became more peaceful and could focus myself more on important matters. I learned that moving less is more effective for me.

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From: Barbara
not only did i appreciate your gentle approach to teaching, but i also found you to be articulate, sensitive and intelligent. i am sure there are many good ashtanga teachers, but you are the first ashtanga teacher i have met who communicates the depth of yoga, and not just the sporty-physicalness of the practice….Thank you for your teaching!!

From: Tina
Dear Michael,Thank you for offering your wonderful and powerful teaching in Bangkok.

For me, it’s created a reality deeper than before. I gained access to a path that I knew was there but had not yet been able to walk. Your radiant presence was surely part of my beautiful unfolding. Thank you!! With your eyes you could open any vault with the toughest combinations around…

– Tina (the woman with the big smile in Bangkok)

From: Joanna Moździerz-Kozłowska
Hi!I love your videos on yogavibes. Thanks to u Ashtanga is easier to understand 🙂 Grest. I practice ashtanga from time to time and sometimes i just don’t “feel” it. I don’t wanna do all of the sequence. And u say – ok, so do just sun salutation 🙂 and that works! 🙂
Have a beautiful day,

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"Not only did i appreciate your gentle approach to teaching, but i also found you to be articulate, sensitive and intelligent." - Barbara

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