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Q: Hi Michael!
i just read about your master clense..powerful stuff.  Now to my question: Is it possible to still do my ashtanga yoga practice for five days a week while doing this clense?
Thank you for being an  fantastic soul and i really love your work and thoughts on the ashtanga yoga practice.
All the best!

A: absolutely Chris!
That is one of the most amazing realizations of the fast!  That you have so much energy, focus, time and clarity.  Your practice will be very different!  Take it slowly, slowly… and enjoy 🙂

Shanti Out,

Q: Michael Teacher !!! I want to ask you for advice! i hurted my “ciatica” left side, it hurts a lot during and after practice even more. Should i stop for a while or keep it up? Ive been like this over a month, i thought yoga would heal it but its seriously getting worse. It hurts in almost every moment. What should i do? any advice? thankyou. Lots of love… – Choza

A: Sweet Choza, Rest!! And don’t be frustrated about it. Sciatica is a funny thing…especially with yoga. So, be patient, approximate the poses that make it hurt more. And slowly, slowly it will adjust. In the meantime, some acupuncture may help. Maybe you take the 10 days off while you are on holiday in Cabo San Lucas to STOP practicing for that time. Enjoy yourself. Just do pranayama and meditation. And then come back slowly, slowly upon return. Much love ! – Michael

Q: Hi Michael, It was amazing to see your VINYASA demonstration and hats off to the dedication and perseverance. I am also an yoga enthusiast started 1-1/2 years ago and practising few basic and intermediate asanas. How many years did you take to master those advanced asanas? How many hours were you practising daily and how many days in a week? What was your diet? – Venkatesh Keni

A: Hello Venkatesh, Thanks for your kind words about the demonstration. And congrats to you for your enthusiasm in the yoga practice the past 18 months. Many people start and quick before they get that far. The advanced asanas you saw me practice in the DVD, From Earth to Heaven, had come only after years of dedicated practice. At that time, I had been practicing for 7 year, 6 days a week, from 2 – 4 hours per day. On some occasions more. I had also been a vegetarian at that time for about 15 years. Have fun!

Q (spanish): hey! hola còmo estàs???? Espero que muy bien! Yosè que muy bien. Yo estoy bien Te cuento que sigo practicando y dando clases, tambièn lo estoy combinando con un poco de work out en el gimnasio, no weightlifting, solo spinning y cosas con mi propio cuerpo. Còmo està tu hija y Dalia? En què parte del mundo andas? Te escribo porque traigo varias inquietudes y quisiera consultarlo contigo como mi primer maestro real de yoga que eres y porque te admiro.
Son varias cosas….
Primero… Tengo mucha inquietud por aprender otra tècnica de yoga como Iyengar o Power para poderles dar una variedad a mis alumnos en mi studio en un futuro. Què opinas? Recomiendas algo? Alguien? Segundo… Me invitan a un curso de 7 dìas con David Swenson al DF y quisiera saber tu opiniòn y recomendaciòn. Nosè mucho el protocolo entre yoguis y no quisiera que te ofendieras porque tengo curiosidad de estudiar con otros maestros y otras tècnicas, tienes toda mi admiraciòn, cariño y amistad. Un abrazo Michael! slowly slowly… Dani

Q:Hey! Hello, how are you??? I hope you are great! I’m good. I’ve been continuing with my practice since the Yoga Teacher Apprenticeship and i’m combining my yoga with a bit of workout in the gym. No weightlifting, just spinning and work with my own body.
How is your Daughter and Dalia? What part of the world are you in now?
I’m writing you because i have various uncertainties that i want to consult you on, as my primary yoga teacher and because I admire you.
First…I have a lot of uncertainties about learning other techniques like Iyengar or Power Yoga to give more of a variety to my students when i have a studio in the future. What do you think? What do you recommend? Second…I was invited to a 7 day course with David Swenson in DF and what to know your opinion and recommendation. I don’t know much about the protocol between yogis and i don’t want to offend because i have curiosity to study with other teachers or other techniques. You have all my admiration, appreciation and friendship. A big hug Michael! – Dani

A: Hola Dani Devi! Nice to hear from you. I am currently teaching my annual retreat in Goa. Dalia and Alina Laya are both great. I heard you were all going to come to the the semana santa retreat, april 6-12…dany, jesse, margarita, Melinda…That would be a BLAST! OK, Tus cosas:
1- You can do whatever you want, whatever feels right to you, regardless of what i think! Do what feels best for you and your camino.
2- Even though, it is fine for you to ask me as your teacher for my advice/recommendation. So, here it is. Power yoga would be easy cross over compliment to your ashtanga practice/teaching. Many studios/teachers practice/teach both. It is fine.
3- Iyengar…. This is a very different ride then Ashtanga or any other vinyasa style practice. No breath. Not something i personally often recommend to people. But, if you feel you may find something helpful in their focus of alignment….go for it.
4- David…. Of course you should go see David Swensen! He is fun and has lots to share!! If you do, tell him I say hello.
Good luck yogini! Hope to see you Culiacan soon. much love – Gannon

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