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AshtangaPalooza Yoga Festival

Playa del Carmen | Feb 16, 2019 - Feb 17, 2019

Gannon’s Playa Mysore Club @Yogaloft ( Mar 04 – 08,2019)

Playa del Carmen | Mar 4, 2019 - Mar 8, 2019

Gannon’s Playa Mysore Club @Yogaloft ( Apr 01 – 05,2019)

Playa del Carmen | Apr 1, 2019 - Apr 5, 2019

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"Not only did i appreciate your gentle approach to teaching, but i also found you to be articulate, sensitive and intelligent." - Barbara

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The Gannon Yoga Book is Coming to Life!

The Gannon Yoga Book is Coming to Life!
On November 1 we launch an Indiegogo.com crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to publish the book. We have many different pledge levels with respective perks that you can choose from to collaborate with me to help bring the book to life. Including a chance to pre-order the book at a discount!

I have learned through research that crowdfunding campaigns that reach at least 30% of their goal in the first 2 days, have a 90% higher chance of reaching their ultimate goal. And this is exactly why I’m reaching out to you now, before we launch.

Please click this link to see the beautiful, 5-minute promo video we created telling the story of the Gannon Yoga Book https://igg.me/at/yogaboo

There you will also drop-in your email to automatically receive a reminder just before we go live. This allows you to follow the book journey and receive updates from me about the book progress. Both during the crowdfunding campaign and as the book is being finished, printed, published and shipped.

On November 1, you can choose many discounted offers on Yogaloft memberships, Gannon Trainings & Retreats, Special Online Classes and signed copies of the book itself. Plus many other perks for the first ones to collaborate with the book campaign!

I’m super excited that we are finally about to make this book available to the world!! And I’m grateful for however you can help to make it happen!  

Please click now to watch the beautiful, short video! I look forward to however you may like to join us on November 1 in making this book finally come to life. https://igg.me/at/yogabook

Please share this email with anybody you feel would be interested in collaborating with this book as well! And be sure to share our posts with your social media outlets!

Thanks so much for your support!