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"Not only did i appreciate your gentle approach to teaching, but i also found you to be articulate, sensitive and intelligent." - Barbara

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London, England

Once again Gannon is teaching at the London Yoga Show.
Come see him at the biggest Yoga event in the UK.

* Friday 28th
“Awaken your Life Force & Quiet your Mind”
This class will support the idea that the Breath is the most powerful aspect of Ashtanga yoga. We will enhance our breath awareness to deepen our asana practice.

* Friday 28th
“Opening your Heart – Elements of Backbending”
In this workshop, we will break down individual elements that allow us to backbend with control and comfort. Working with partners we will explore shoulders, hip flexors our front, our foundation and our breath. Michael’s unique teaching style of the original vinyasa system makes yoga’s transformational powers — physical, mental and spiritual — available to all. He has imparted this unique teaching style by training over 200 teachers worldwide in his GAVY Teacher Apprenticeships.

* Saturday 29th
“The Magic of Bandhas”
Gannon will share the juiciest part of this usual long form Magical workshop that allow us to experience weightlessness in all elements in our practice.

* Sunday 30th
“Ashtanga Rocks”
Bust out of the traditional rules and add a little Rock & Mantra to
your practice! Let’s flow through the Vinyasa System to the rockin’ beats of Gannon’s funky playlist. Ohhh, Yeeeeahh!!

* Sunday 30th
“Breath, Bandhas and Arm Balances”
Circus Tricks! The fun stuff that we used to do with our bodies as indistructable tykes. Working with partners, balancing yourself on your hands in challenging positions is guarenteed to make you laugh.