Primary Series Poster 14 in x 26.5 in


Product Description

gannonsmall3Primary Series Poster  — 14” x 26.5”

A 4-color, 2-sided, laminated poster, that folds down to 14”x 26.5”. Hang it on your wall, either side, to watch over you where you practice.

OR, use it interactively! When you are doing your standing asanas, fold the bottom panel up to reveal details about Surya Namaskara and the Standing Sequence. When you are finishing your practice, fold the top panel down to show details of the Backbends and Finishing Sequence. A must for all yoga studios, teachers and practitioners.

Poster Features:
Front side includes Full Primary series photographs including Asana Names in Sanskrit, Inhale/Exhale detail, Dristis, & Mantras. Back side includes teaching techniques for Jump-Backs, Chakrasana Breath, Bandhas, Dristis and Vinyasa, Specific Asana Benefits and more.