Copal Incense


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CIMG3402Copal incense is the dried resin of the copal tree. It has been used ritually since Pre-Hispanic time when large amounts of Copal were burned on top of Aztec and Mayan pyramids. These societies saw copal resin as the blood of trees, being a food of the Gods. Thus it was mainly burned as an offering to the deities.

The incense is somewhat smoky when burned and has sort of a pine scent. It is often added to love and purification incenses. The sacred smoke carries messages to the spirit world and shaman use it for trance induction.

Copal smoke is said to revel invisible energies that appear like rays of sunlight filtering through an early 
morning mist. Healers may use it as a diagnostic tool to help them see the deeper dimensions of a subjects 
energy field, gazing through the smoke to detect illness and energy blocks. When the smoke is allowed to pass over the body it cures various illnesses, protect against sickness, misfortune, and cleanses the body after contact with anything unclean.

It may be used for clearing and clarifying the mind and can turn a chaotic house (or yoga studio) into a temple and brings moments of peace during busy affairs. It allows us to see life more clearly and inspires divine insights.

Yoga Dealer has sourced this hand rolled, 100% pure copal from all natural resins, where Gannon lives in the Mayan Rivera, Mexico. He has taken this copal to his retreats and courses around the world for years, and now we make it available as an offering to the Universe and to you.

20 fat sticks in each pack!  3 packs for $30